Ready for the Hurricane Season

In the case of an electrical power outage, Brazoria County MUD #2 has onsite generators at Water Plant #1, Water Plant #2 and Water Plant #3. Brazoria County MUD #2 also has a portable generator that can be used at lift station #1 and lift station #2, if the need arises.

Having a back-up generator ensures limited service interruptions in case of an electrical power outage. The generators will start automatically and keep the pumps/motors running until normal power is restored.

Brazoria County MUD #2 takes a proactive approach to make sure the generators are always operational at a moment’s notice. This proactive approach includes the following preventive and predictive maintenance measures:

  • Monthly facility generator load test (power outage simulation)
  • Bi-Monthly fuel testing (testing fuel for bacteria, water, sediment and contamination)
  • Quarterly maintenance (checking oil & coolant levels, testing the batteries)
  • Semi-Annual maintenance (replacing oil, oil & fuel filters)
  • Semi-Annual generator oil analysis (analyzing oil health, contamination and machine wear)
  • Annual generator load bank testing (ensures that your generator will run when needed so that you can count on it producing power during any kind of emergency that may arise)
  • Annual transfer switch maintenance (inspect all wiring, insulation, and connectors)

To ensure the generators have good/clean diesel at all times, Brazoria County MUD #2 has installed automatic fuel polishing systems on the generators at Water Plant #1, Water Plant #2 and Water Plant #3.

It is the goal of the District to always be prepared in case of any extreme weather events which might present themselves. If you have any questions regarding the District’s Emergency Preparedness, please don’t hesitate  to contact us.